Don’t let unclear

CRM data slow your sales.

Inselligence is the algorithm-based revenue intelligence platform that uses your CRM data to simplify your sales process and accelerate your growth.

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Improve your
forecast accuracy.

Have you ever set a forecast without knowing whether you’re really going to hit it? Uncertainty leads to confusion. Confusion kills confidence. Inselligence gives you the ability to create sales forecasts you can rely on.

Sales Forecast

Forecasts are more than a formality.

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Accurate forecasting should drive your sales strategy, but traditional models and AI-driven tools can’t factor in rapid changes or process-specific details.

Inselligence helps you avoid this frustration by using a process-focused methodology that analyzes relevant CRM data to produce a realistic, achievable forecast.

Make timely adjustments based on
real-time visibility.

Apply predictive insights to refine
forecast accuracy.

Know where to focus your efforts for
maximum impact.


See your pipeline
more clearly.

If your pipeline management relies on inputs that are days — or weeks — old, you’re stuck in a reactive sales process. Inselligence delivers sales and revenue reports in real-time on metrics that really matter so you can make informed decisions that lead to increased conversions.


Real-time data. Instant insights.

Maintain maximum visibility
into your sales pipeline.

Focus on the KPIs that matter
most to your process.

Understand which stages of
your funnel need extra attention.


From fresh leads to forecasts, it’s all connected. 

Intelligence Closed Deals

Let’s say you get a new lead in November, but you see that, based on the most current pipeline data, it will take 60 days to close. Even though the deal might be a slam dunk, it doesn’t belong in your forecast for the current year.

When you know what’s happening at every stage of your pipeline, it powers every step of your sales. Manage your pipeline well, and everything else will follow suit.

Create high-quality leads consistently.

When it’s filled with low-quality leads, a full sales funnel can be a bottleneck that exhausts your sales team without producing any results. Inselligence not only gives you easy access to the data in your CRM, it provides practical insights that help you create a consistent approach for creating leads that end with successful closes.

Drive consistent CRM usage in your organization.

Create marketing strategies based on real sales results.

Set clear expectations for revenue and ROAS.

Lead management

Generate predictable revenue from predictable lead sources.

Using up-to-the-minute sales data from your CRM, Inselligence provides the predictive insights you need to maintain a steady flow of opportunities that align with your sales goals.

Our process-focused approach streamlines your sales pipeline while enabling you to create consistent revenue opportunities.

Process is everything.
Optimize yours.

For your sales process to deliver consistent results, you need to understand it and make sure it’s laid out properly in your CRM. With that in place, Inselligence accesses your real-time sales data to deliver process insights even the best CRMs can’t provide. In seconds, you’ll have the data you need to identify bottlenecks, resolve inefficiencies, and create a cycle of continuous improvement based on market conditions.


Are you a C-suite executive?

Tired of reviewing unreliable reports that lack relevant details? Get insight into your sales performance in an instant.

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Are you leading a revenue team?

Pinpoint your pain points and empower your team members with a more efficient sales process.

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Are you a sales rep?

Manage your pipeline with confidence and know where to drill down on the most important deals.

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Inselligence customers say it best.

"Inselligence's platform gave us a clear view of our sales pipeline. We were able to identify bottlenecks and wasted steps, which allowed us to streamline the process and significantly improve deal flow. Inselligence also allows us to build the correct sales process and identify our true sales capacity.”

Patrick Findaro

VP, Sales Visa Franchise

See how Inselligence can streamline your success.

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Increase forecast accuracy
Improve pipeline visibility
Enhance marketing efforts
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Revenue intelligence. Simplified.

A robust CRM may be the engine of your sales efforts, but it’s not a standalone solution. Inselligence analyzes your real-time sales data and presents it in an intuitive platform that gives you unprecedented visibility into and control of your sales process.