Your pipeline is your lifeline.

The only thing in sales that is more important than capturing and nurturing leads is predicting when and if you'll hit your forecasted goal. With Inselligence, it's no longer a guessing game; it's simply done for you on the fly.

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Great intelligence gets more sales. Without it, businesses are guessing where to put their energy. Using predictive math and our proprietary algorithm, Inselligence quickly and seamlessly estimates the number of leads needed in each stage of your funnel, giving you an inside view into the most complex pieces of your revenue puzzle.

Synthesizing years of data science

After developing our algorithm and methodology over a decade, we spent two years dialing in the technology that leverages our predictive analytics and reporting in a process-driven solution. Unlike AI tools that simply draw insights from activity, our platform elevates your analytics with an algorithm that incorporates sales process expertise and real-world applications, ensuring accurate insights every time, all the time.

Promote better CRM usage with real-time data.

Inselligence is tied to your CRM data in real time. As reps update the CRM, Inselligence takes in new data and continually calculates the likelihood of closing the deal during each stage of the sales process and pipeline.

Accurate data and actionable insights
Automated integration with existing processes and CRM
Consistent execution and sales processes
Accurate forecasting aligned with sales goals

Operate your business and track your revenue with accurate reporting and spot-on forecasting.

You’re only as good as your accuracy, and since Inselligence is tied to your CRM data in real time, you know it’s dialed in before we crunch the numbers. This improves forecast accuracy and response time while reducing the hours spent laboring over the CRM to find the next action item.


Reduction in time spent auditing CRM


increase in forecast acuracy


increase in deal velocity

See potential revenue more clearly.

Let us show you the difference Inselligence can make in your business. Don’t leave money on the table — sign up for a free consultation and demo today.

Increase forecast accuracy
Improve pipeline visibility
Enhance marketing efforts
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Revenue intelligence.

A robust CRM may be the engine of your sales efforts, but it’s not a standalone solution. Inselligence analyzes your real-time sales data and presents it in an intuitive platform that gives you unprecedented visibility into and control of your sales process.

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Case Study

Commercial real estate use case

Inselligence uncovered sales process inefficiencies and helped the developer redesign its sales process in a way that would make better sense for the buyer. Our methodology was able to quickly build a detailed funnel with multiple granular phases and gates.


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