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Untangle your data and maximize your sales potential.


Dev Tools, Productivity


Untangle your data and maximize your sales potential.


Is Salesforce slowing down your sales?

Salesforce is a powerhouse CRM, but when it comes to sales analytics, it can leave you feeling like you're stuck in quicksand. Buried in data but still digging for actionable insights? You're not alone.

Here's why Salesforce sales analytics might be holding your team back:

  • Complexity Overload. HSalesforce dashboards are notorious for being cluttered and difficult to navigate. Finding the information you need can be a time-consuming nightmare.
  • Custom Code Conundrum. Building custom reports often requires technical expertise, leaving non-technical users in the dark.
  • Data Silo Blues. Information gets locked away in different Salesforce objects, making it hard to get a holistic view of your sales pipeline.
  • Limited Drill-Down. Digging deeper into data for root cause analysis can feel like following a never-ending breadcrumb trail.

These inefficiencies lead to:

  • Missed Opportunities: Hidden gems in your data might need to be noticed, leading to lost deals.
  • Slow Decision-Making: Without clear insights, critical sales decisions get bogged down in endless meetings and debates.
  • Frustrated Sales Reps: Your team spends more time wrestling with data than closing deals, lowering morale and productivity.
Don’t get lost in the Salesforce data maze.
There's a better way!

Inselligence brings clarity to your sales process.

Inselligence seamlessly integrates with Salesforce, using a process-focused algorithm developed by industry experts to give you real-time access to your CRM data and immediate insights into your sales process's strengths, challenges, and potential improvements.

Inselligence Benefits

Clear, Concise Interface

See your sales pipeline at a glance with intuitive dashboards that are easy to understand.

No Coding Required

Empower everyone on your team to generate insightful reports without needing a developer.

Unified Data View

Break down data silos and gain a 360-degree view of your sales process, from lead to close.

Deep Dive Capabilities

Easily drill down into specific data points to identify trends and uncover hidden insights.

Ready to see the power of clear sales insights?

Schedule a free demo of Inselligence to learn how it can transform your sales analytics.