Pipeline management

Manage your pipeline with precision.

If you’re a RevOps leader who’s tired of too-broad reports that lack relevant details or a sales rep sifting through countless metrics that don’t apply to your deals, you need real-time visibility that allows you to make data-driven decisions. You need Inselligence.

Say goodbye to...

  • Disconnected, complicated reporting
  • Lack of visibility into individual deals
  • Sorting through pointless KPIs
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Pipeline Efficency

Keep your pipeline
flowing smoothly.

Without real-time visibility of the deals in your pipeline, it’s almost impossible to keep your finger on the pulse of your sales process. When you can see which deals are moving well and identify where bottlenecks are happening, you can analyze the specifics and know where to focus your activity.

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Inselligence customers say it best.

"Inselligence's platform gave us a clear view of our sales pipeline. We were able to identify bottlenecks and wasted steps, which allowed us to streamline the process and significantly improve deal flow. Inselligence also allows us to build the correct sales process and identify our true sales capacity.”

Patrick Findaro

VP, Sales Visa Franchise

Create a more 
powerful pipeline.

Goodbye, slow reporting. Hello, instant analysis. Inselligence lets you view your CRM data in real time. Instead of low-quality leads clogging your sales pipeline, focus on the best deals and see them through.

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Case Study

Commercial real estate use case

Inselligence uncovered sales process inefficiencies and helped the developer redesign its sales process in a way that would make better sense for the buyer. Our methodology was able to quickly build a detailed funnel with multiple granular phases and gates.


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