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Bridge the gap between sales and marketing.

If you’re a marketing pro who constantly fields questions about your lead quality, Inselligence levels up your game with practical process insights. Using real-time sales data, Inselligence enables you to make informed decisions and improvements that drive consistent results.

Say goodbye to...

  • Confusing communication
  • Unclear lead gen goals
  • Conflicting strategies
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Create better leads more consistently.

When you apply our revenue intelligence solution to your marketing efforts, you discover actionable insights that your CRM won’t deliver on its own. You’ll see which leads stall and which leads sail through the sales process and close successfully.

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Inselligence customers say it best.

"Inselligence's platform gave us a clear view of our sales pipeline. We were able to identify bottlenecks and wasted steps, which allowed us to streamline the process and significantly improve deal flow. Inselligence also allows us to build the correct sales process and identify our true sales capacity.”

Patrick Findaro

VP, Sales Visa Franchise

Set a smarter 
sales process in motion. 

Leave shotgun marketing behind and use the data in your CRM to strategically create more qualified leads and bring more value to your company’s sales team.

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Case Study

Commercial real estate use case

Inselligence uncovered sales process inefficiencies and helped the developer redesign its sales process in a way that would make better sense for the buyer. Our methodology was able to quickly build a detailed funnel with multiple granular phases and gates.


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